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Apr 22, 2019
1965 Kit Car & Replica Another Di-Tipo, "Period Correct" Buick 225/T10 power!

Started another Dio-Tipo build. As much fun as I know the finished car will be it’s intended for resale, maybe after I run at least one event. Dio Tipo body, TR4a frame, hot-rod Buick 225 V6 and T10 close ratio …

Oct 16, 2018
2013 Kit Car & Replica Roadster Zero-E

Built from bed frames, jogger strollers and scrap car parts for gravity races (sort of like GRM Challenge soap box derby).

Jul 07, 2018
2019 Kit Car & Replica Ambro Special, Dio-Tipo.

Thought I had this in here already. I once owned an Alfa powered Huffaker Genie but never got to drive it. Always felt cheated, so this is my consolation build of a “Vintage race car” to be driven on the …

Mar 05, 2017
2014 Kit Car & Replica Locost

Ford V6, Mitsubishi 5 speed, Toyota axle and spindles, with a bunch of other random junk making up the rest of it. Started with a CMC frame after I found their ad in GRM, and somehow managed to turn it …

Jan 18, 2016
2015 Kit Car & Replica Exocet

Built from 1991 base model Miata, currently using the stock 1.6 liter engine, FM’s VMAXX coil overs, and Nitto NT05 tires.

Nov 05, 2016
1990 Kit Car & Replica Rotus 7

Lotus 7 replica built by Rotus and powered by a Mazda 13B Turbo II rotary and 5-speed. Basically a sort-of street-legal go-cart at 245 rwhp and 1200#!!! Been doing a few upgrades to it lately and hoping to have it …

Jun 01, 2015
1980 Kit Car & Replica VikingTT

66 Lotus 7 replica powered by a crossflow Kent with dual DCOE 40’s, Burton A2 cam and Ivey prepped head.

Jun 05, 2014
1983 Kit Car & Replica Lotus 7 Replica

Book” frame, 3TC Toyota engine, 5-speed, Dellorto carbs, bugeye seats, MGB (Smiths) instruments.

Jan 28, 2014
2008 Kit Car & Replica Superformance Lotus 7

Modern seven kit. 2 liter Zetec with Jackson Racing Supercharger.

Jan 15, 2014
2014 Kit Car & Replica Novarace Blade Formula 600

SCCA Formula 600 open wheel, open cockpit race car. Engine is a ‘11 Suzuki 599cc GSXR with 6 speed sequential paddle shift gear box. 875 lbs minimum weight with driver and approximately 125 crank HP.

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