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Gzwg's Garage

Jul 19, 2021
1993 GPZ 500S

My first Motorcycle, bought it when I got 18. Mostly use it to get to the office in the summer.

Jul 19, 2021
2001 Opel Speedster

The Elises unknown Twin Brother. Handles like a Lotus, was built by Lotus, has an Engine that was developed by Lotus - but it’s an Opel. Bought it in May 21, in excellent Condition, and enjoy it as often as …

Jul 19, 2021
2017 Ford KA+

The boring reliable Daily Driver. 82Hp that feel like 50, because of the long gearing.

Jul 19, 2021
2003 Ford StreetKA

Since I had to sell the Mazda 6 after only 4 years (low miles, but the body was rotten), I decided to try a different approach: Half my budget, and buy a summer and a winter car (Proper man math..). …

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