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Keith Tanner's Garage

Aug 20, 2014
1985 Honda CRX Si

The original year of the CRX Si. Light, snorty and fun.

Aug 17, 2021
2002 BMW M5

A 540i Sport with the 6-speed is a good car. Quick, quiet, athletic. But what happens when the BMW engineers are told to turn it up to 11? The M5 happens. Four doors. Fine Germanic leather. Alcantara headliner. And, of …

Aug 17, 2021
Austin Mini

It’s non-threatening. Chicks dig it. Kids get the point and laugh at it. It’s sooo cuuuute. It’s also RHD for that extra little chuckle. But underneath, it’s got a bit of an attitude. There’s a 1293cc engine built by Rob …

Aug 17, 2021
1972 MG B GT with LS1 power

When your wife says “you know, I’d really like an MGB GT with that V8 rumble”, you don’t ask questions. So here it is. It’s a rust-free California blue plate special, just waiting for me to upset the purists. The …

Aug 17, 2021
Cadillac Sedan Deville Hardtop

It’s big. It’s got that Cadillac ride. It rumbles. It has a leopard print dashboard. It looks great on me. And it once got into a drag race with a 1965 Cadillac hearse - on the Las Vegas Strip. Nothin’s …

Aug 17, 2021
Lotus Seven replica

It’s not a real Lotus, but it runs like one. It takes all the good bits from the Miata and weighs right around 1300 lbs. The engine has been worked over and makes about 175 hp out of 1600 cc. …

Aug 17, 2021
1995 Mazda Targa Miata rally special

Built from a bare shell for the Targa Newfoundland rally. Back then, it ran a bored and stroked, 11.5:1 compression engine with a complex home-built header. The suspension was built for as much travel as possible and the car was …

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