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Vigo (Forum Supporter)'s Garage

Feb 26, 2016
1989 Plymouth Voyager SE

1989 factory turbo van swapped to SRT4 power! Has run 13.3@98 on a basically stock SRT4 neon setup and is in amazing condition, professionally repainted to factory color.

May 07, 2013
1990 Dodge Dynasty LE

Put all the goodies from the old one onto this one. Project thread: http://www.turbo-mopar.com/forums/showthread.php?70806-3.8L-Dodge-Dynasty&highlight=

Aug 17, 2021
1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT

SOHC/5spd. Underdog. Looks are there, just needs turbo.

Aug 17, 2021
1982 Chrysler Lebaron Mark Cross Convertible

Rich Corinthian leather. The stars look good at night out here when you’re cruising with the top down. 5 lug swap, F+R brake upgrade (10.5” discs all around), lowered on 1g neon struts/spring in front and cut cargo-coils in rear.

Aug 17, 2021
2001 Honda Insight

346,xxx miles and counting. I avg 48 mpg, bad for one of these but it’s hilly, fast, and ac all the time around here. Weighs 18XX lbs empty. Roomy in the front, though, and the cargo area is amazingly useful …

Aug 17, 2021
1980 Plymouth Arrow Truck

My dad had a very similar 79 when i was young that i loved the hell out of. He sold it right before i was old enough to have it, and ive wanted another one ever since. They’re EXCEEDINGLY rare. …

Aug 17, 2021
1984 Chrysler "Executive Sedan"

Factory stretch New Yorker semi-limo thing. 1 of 204 ever made. The craigslist ad said “1984 Chrysler- HUGE back seat! $300”. That was enough of a context clue for my insanely K-car-knowledgeable self to go snap it up for $200. …

Aug 17, 2021
1990 Dodge Caravan

Rare factory 5spd manual van. Got it up to 33mpg once. Ran 18.2@73. I converted it to turbo. It is falling apart slowly from Wisconsin rust, but it sort of seems to add to the sleeper/beater/wtf mystique of the whole …

Aug 17, 2021
1989 Dodge Spirit LE

Motor swapped, 5spd manual swapped, turbo’d intercooled commuter. I put in a smaller motor than it came with! But, i added 66% more gears… :p Also has suspension and brakes from a Shelby Daytona. I hope to tune this thing …

Aug 17, 2021
1989 Dodge Aries K LE

GRM $2009 car! motor, turbo, and 5spd manual swapped k-car. 212hp/320tq to the wheels on mostly stock 250k mile junk through a 2.178596” exhaust.

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