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Wowak's Garage

Aug 17, 2021
1990 Mazda Miata #1919 (Juliette)

Ok, this isn’t my car, its Kara’s, but I accept a large amount of responsibility for it (I kinda paid for it, and the only work on it that I didn’t do myself was the paint and body work.) Major …

Aug 17, 2021
1991 Mazda Miata #91STS2

1991 British Racing Green #3716 of 4000, Yellow stripe, yellow wheels, KYB AGX adjustable shocks, Racing Beat solid front swaybar, Falken Azenis RT615, OBX 4-2-1 header, cone filter, Moss “Cobra” style bar, home-made turn-signal intakes (gutter guard,) driver’s seat foamectomy, …

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