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Jesse Ransom's Garage

Apr 29, 2019
1966 Mini Hornet

Rusty, but not badly beaten. Needs to be torn down, dipped, and pretty much everything rebuilt or replaced. Waiting for its turn, and I’m so excited for it.

Jul 13, 2020
1972 MG MGB GT

Pretty darn stock, and in reasonably good condition at time of acquisition. Needs some interior tidying, suspension freshening, and getting the SU carbs swapped back on in place of the Weber DGV after they get a rebuild. Beyond that, figuring …

Jul 10, 2018
1997 Ford F-250 HD

Should a 2WD, regular cab, long bed pickup be a unicorn? Anyhow, nobody else seems to want one… This one’s just how I wanted it, excepting that hulking 460 under the hood. Just had my first full tank refill since …

May 07, 2016
1963 Ford Ranchero

Originally a six-cylinder car, now has a 302 out of a ‘70-something pickup; also has a C4 auto, but hopefully to be replaced with a T5. Rear axle is out of a Fairlane according to the pile of paper that …

Apr 08, 2020
2016 Mini Cooper 4-Door Hardtop

Stone stock, the household Nice, Reliable, Late-Model vehicle! And awfully spiffy for a car to fill that role…

Aug 17, 2021
1970 BMW 2002

Presently in mid-disassembly after a dozen years of service as a ratty F Street Prepared daily driver. Will be receiving an M42 or M44 swap, either turbo or supercharged. Am torn between building a custom front subframe or trying to …

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