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JXB Audi: Is this the ultimate autocross aero setup?

This Audi S4 might be one of the wildest machines to compete in autocross.

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Aerodynamics articles

Shop Work: How to build an effective splitter for only $100

After running our 350Z through the digital wind tunnel, we could attach the actual bits that would make it faster in real life.

Shop Work: How to test your car's aerodynamics for less than $100

Think you need lots of money to test your car's aerodynamics? Here's how we tested the aero setup on our (former) C5 Corvette project car for less than $100.

Features: How to improve aerodynamics with a virtual wind tunnel

Welcome to the future, where virtual aero testing happens in a virtual wind tunnel.

Features: How to increase downforce using CFD | Against the wind: Part 1

Can you see air? The computer can. And then we can use that info to make our car go faster.

Suspension & Handling: Simple talk on the complex subject of aerodynamics

Whether sleek, boxy or somewhere in between, all cars interact with the air while racing down the track.

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Giving our Miata the aero edge that it really deserves

We’d tripled our Miata’s OEM horsepower via an LFX swap, and this fact sent chills down our spine: We’ve raced this car at Daytona, and even with only …

How to build a splitter on any budget | Project LS-Swapped 350Z

Can you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars designing and building a splitter for your track car? Yes. Do you have to spend that amount for a splitter? Absolutely not.

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