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You Need This: Will you be the one to save this E30 M3?

Looking for a project that can double as an investment? Here's an E30 M3 that needs saving.

You need this: An LS-swapped, Techno Violet BMW E36 M3

This E36-chassis BMW M3 has a lot going for it: Techno violet, LS power and some rad Momo Heritage wheels.

Looking for an E30 M3 to race? Here’s an option.

Have an engine looking for a race car? This E30 M3 roller can be had for less than $20,000.

This E46 M3 is built to go the distance–again and again | #FastFriday

Instead of a crazy powerful, high-strung engine, Lawrence Shue built this E46 M3 for dependable, repeatable track sessions.

New BMW M3 CS adds power, cuts weight and offers more

Can BMW improve on the BMW M3 Competition? The answer is yes.

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BMW M3 articles

Columns: The truth about what defines a project car

What makes a project car a project car? Like most things in our wacky hobby, there's no simple answer.

Columns: How I learned to stop worrying and love my BMW M3

You put a lot of effort into your cars, so why not actually drive and enjoy them?

Features: How do the new BMWs compare with the last gen?

How do the new BMWs compare with the previous generation? Let's find out on track.

Features: Your Cars: Rally-Ready M3/4/5

The M3/4/5 is ready to tackle the dirt.

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BMW M3 project car updates

Can our E46 M3 run with a new Hyundai Elantra N?

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Building a street car that can theoretically survive a track day is one thing, but what does the data actually say? Does …

Figuring out what that warning light actually means


Okay, it wasn’t that bad.

Our E46-chassis BMW M3 broadcast a different error message: SERVICE ENGINE SOON.

Okay, what does that mean? And how soon …

What’s in this BimmerWorld box?

A highlight of BMW ownership? Shipments from BimmerWorld.

What’d we get this time for our E46-chassis BMW M3? Hint: It’s smaller than a breadbox.

What to know before making the switch to wheel studs

Wheel bolts or wheel studs? Exactly. 

When we called BimmerWorld to order some studs for our E46-chassis BMW M3, we figured it would be a quick …

Maybe our stumbling was just a result of bad gas?

Our M3 didn’t sound so good as it coughed and sputtered after some laps at the FIRM. You know that queasy feeling you get when something …

BMW M3 Forum Topics

Bruiser - my black and blue E46 M3 track car
Help me choose a direction for my project
1997 BMW E36 M3 track/NASA TT
Future collectibles--does your list jibe with ours?
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BMW M3 Readers' Rides

Aug 04, 2022 by J_Exotic68
2016 None M3

stock with the DSG!

Aug 22, 2021 by J_Exotic68
2016 None M3

wow! they just keep getting better don't they? first non manual bmw and i do appreciate. wife's daily driver

Jun 13, 2021 by racecarsized113
2001 None M3

Used to be a track day car, now a daily driver

Mar 12, 2021 by Kevin Couloures
2010 None Coupe

6MT with black GTS wheels

Jun 11, 2019 by chrisflint
1995 None BMW M3

Instagram: @chrisflint S54 swap Tuned by Epic Motorsports BimmerWorld TE:AL TA16 Forged Race Wheels - 18x10" ET25 Hoosier R7 - P275/35ZR18 racing slicks APEX ARC-8 Wheels - 17x9.5" ET35 Hoosier …

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