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How would you build a C5 Corvette for track duty? | #FastFriday

Need inspiration for a C5 Corvette track car? Here are three that have entered the UTCC, each built a different way.

Your Projects: The LS1-KART Is What You Get When You Add Lightness to a C5 Corvette

Sure, we may know a thing or two about C5 Corvettes, but nothing quite like the LS1-powered go-kart that forum user Go_Gators has come up with.

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Shop Work: How to bulletproof a Chevy C5 Corvette for track duty

Not sure how to best prepare a car for track duty? Here's all the work we've put into our C5 Corvette project car since we first got it.

Features: The lessons we learned after our C5 Corvette's engine exploded

How a simple photo op turned into the premature demise of our C5 Corvette's LS3.

Buyer's Guides: Is the C5 Corvette today's best bargain supercar? | Buyer's Guide

The C5-chassis Chevy Corvette offers astounding out-of-the-box performance. Is now a great time to buy?

Buyer's Guides: Chevrolet C5 Corvette | Buyer's Guide

Did the fifth-gen Vette uphold the family legacy? The short answer? Yes.

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Performing an autopsy on our Corvette's blown engine

Few things can ruin a track day more than the sound of a horrendous thump, followed by the sickening “clackclackclackclackclack” of iron hitting aluminum. And then lots of smoke and lots …

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Let me tell you why the C5 Corvette Z06 is NOT a performance bargain...
The same C5 Z06 sold for almost $20,000 more on BaT yesterday than it did in October last year...
Yet Another What Car Thread (Track Edition)!
2002 C5 Z51 Autocrosser - $15000 - SE Michigan
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