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You Need This: A tube-frame Nissan Sentra race car

Currently built to compete in SCCA GTL, this tube-frame Nissan Sentra is offered as a complete, ready-to-race package–spares included.

You Need This: 5-speed, second-gen Honda Prelude Si

Why pay a premium for a rad-era Civic when you could have this '85 Honda Prelude Si for less than $10,000?

You Need This: A rad-era, factory turbo Subaru wagon

Here's your chance to relive the '80s with this almost entirely stock Subaru GL Turbo wagon.

You Need This: An SCCA SPU racer in need of a fresh engine

An inexpensive entry into road racing? This SCCA SPU racer is available for less than $3000–all it needs is a fresh motor and "a few finishing touches."

You Need This: A “ready to be finished” Isuzu I-Mark RS project

Suspension tuning by Lotus, turbo power by Isuzu. What's more rad than that?

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