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Love detailing cars? There's a video game for that.

Car Detailing Simulator promises all the fun of car detailing, just without having to get soapy water on your pants.

How to get that show-car shine in a short amount of time

Need to clean and detail your car quickly? Here's how to make the most of your limited time.

How to Make Interior Detailing Less Daunting

The key to tackling a job like detailing an interior? Break it into bite-sized chunks.

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How to clean and detail the seatbelts in your classic car

To clean and repair our Corvette’s carpet, we really needed to remove the seatbelts to do it right.

[How to clean and repair the carpeting …

A quick cleanup for our midyear Corvette

Despite looking a bit dusty at first encounter, our 1965 Corvette cleaned up quicker and easier than expected.

[How a 1965 Corvette Coupe fell into …

How we keep our project cars clean

Spoiler alert: We don’t fire up the foam cannon, we don’t drag out a hose and bucket.

Detail expert Tim McNair shows how to quickly detail a car–perfect …

How detailing can make a mediocre paint job look better

After working on our Mustang for the better part of a year, it was truly a mess: grease, dirt and overspray.

We asked our detailing wiz, Tim …

How to best prepare paint for protective film? Detailing.

We’d like to keep our Porsche 997 looking good. We also have some Lamin-x paint protection film on order for the car.

[When life imitates …

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