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Could this BMW-based dune buggy be the ultimate low-buck racer? | #LowBuckWednesday

Part dune buggy, part BMW, Jeremy Randolph's $2000 Challenge build is 100% low-buck racer.

Breathing new life into a low-buck BMW kart

The next adventure for this E46 BMW 325xi? Life as a four-seat dune buggy.

Your Projects: Fixing Up A Long-Abandoned Dune Buggy

Many Volkswagen Beetles ended up being converted into dune buggies like the one forum user Saron81 recently picked up.

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VW Dune Buggy Project - 50 bucks - San Jose, CA - I live 10 miles from the location
How To Build Your Own Dune Buggy - 1970 film
Pimpm3 dunebuggy BMW thingy
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