Elise articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

Elise articles, project cars, conversations, and more

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Lotus Elise Not Hardcore Enough? Try the Rare Sport Elise

Only 50 Sport Elises were built, and one is up for sale.

Which early 2000s, mid-engine, Toyota-powered sports car: Elise or MR2?

Which one would you rather have? Toyota MR2 Spyder or Lotus Elise?

2011, the only year you could buy a Series 3 Elise in North America

You could get the Series 3 Elise in North America, but only for a single year.

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Features: Which Lotus Is the Ultimate Driver's Car? Elise or Exige?

More power and more stick make the Lotus Elise and Exige more better.

Buyer's Guides: Lotus Elise vs. Tesla Roadster | Similar looks, different DNA

The Lotus Elise inspired the original Tesla, but how deep does the DNA go?

Buyer's Guides: Lotus Elise and Exige | Buyer's Guide

The Lotus Elise may be licensed for street use, but its real home is the race track. Few cars in recent history have matched the Elise’s capabilities.

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The Granda Finale Build
Elise Restoration
I finally drove a Lotus Elise, and now I have doubts
Elise prices over the moon?
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