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Your Projects: An Audi V8-powered Volkswagen GTI

How to build the ultimate Mk4 GTI? How about swapping in an Audi V8?

You Need This: Rotary-swapped Mazda GLC

Does a rotary engine make this Mazda Great Little Car a Greater Little Car?

You Need This: A Hayabusa-powered Geo Spectrum

We don't know why anyone would feel the need to put the engine from a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle into a Geo Spectrum, but we aren't complaining.

You Need This: LFX V6-swapped ND Miata built by V8R Performance

Don't let the stock looks fool you, this ND Miata is packing a 3.6-liter LFX V6 from a Chevy Camaro.

You Need This: Supercharged, K-swapped Fiat X1/9

A former competitor in our Ultimate Track Car Challenge, this Fiat X1/9 is powered by a supercharged K24.

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Features: Back-to-back adversities can't slow down this V6-powered Honda S2000

Swapping a Honda engine into a Honda 2000 is nothing new–but this one bypasses the ever-popular K-series for an Odyssey-spec V6.

Shop Work: How to wire a cross-pollinated engine swap | Swap Science

Here’s how we mated two totally different wiring harnesses to make one functioning car–and how you can do it, too.

Shop Work: Late-model GM small-block V8 engines | Buyer's Guide

Want to swap in a V8? Here are a few popular options from GM.

Features: A Supra-powered Plymouth Scamp

Why not put a Toyota 2JZ into an old-school Plymouth Scamp?

Shop Work: Swap Science: 19 Steps to Build Your Own Engine Mounts From Scratch

We show every step required to build engine mounts from scratch.

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Engine swap project car updates

Rules require a floor covering? What we used instead of carpets.

One of the things you notice when your car catches on fire is that the stuff you use to put out the fire is capital M messy. We’ve found fire …

How to sort a rebuilt race car | Project Endurance Race Miata

We’d upgraded the safety gear in our LFX-swapped Miata, which meant it was finally time for the fun part: track testing.

We’ve written at length …

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Miata Swapped MGB GT - The Cobbler's Child
Hurricane fund, a V8 Morris Minor redeux
Geo Metro XFI 1.0 and 3 Samurai transmissions for RWD conversion. Yes mine. NV near Reno.
Grand Cherokee engine swap in Pittsburgh area
3 Suzuki Samurai trans, no-X-fers, will fit Geo Metro 1.0, Mine, $500 near Reno.
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