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Factory Five's latest kit? A DIY off-road race truck

Starting at less than $30,000, Factory Five will sell you a kit that promises to turn an F-150 into something even more capable off-road than a Raptor.

Ride the Lightning: How well does the Ford F-150 Lightning tow? | Live thread

Sure, the F-150 Lightning works well as "normal truck," but can it tow like one, too?

That time we test-drove the non-electric F-150 Lightning

We’re eager to test drive the all-electric F-150 Lightning for ourselves, though it had us thinking about the previous version of the Lightning–you know, the one with the supercharged V8.

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News and Notes: What you want to know: We tested a Ford F-150 Lightning hauling a trailer

Can an EV truck tow as well–or even better–than a gas or diesel-powered tow rig?

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Race Prepped Miata with Trailer and F-150
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