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You Need This: Is this a shortcut to building that Italian exotic?

It's a Fiberfab Banshee/Caribee body on a TR3 chassis–perfect for letting your imagination go wild.

How to fix fiberglass

Have some fiberglass that needs fixing? Here are a few web items that should help with the repairs.

How to repack a sealed muffler at home | Read now with GRM+

That muffler not sounding as pleasent as when you first bought it? Don' throw it out–repack it. Here's how.

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Fiberglass project car updates

A step-by-step guide on how to repair fiberglass

Is repairing fiberglass messy? It can be, but the good news is that the tools are simple, the supplies are cheap and the work is a lot easier than you …

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Help identify this drug fuelled fever dream of a car.
Elise Restoration
Educate me: Fiberglass
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