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You need this: Lemons-ready Subaru Impreza

Love snack cakes and racing on the cheap? This Subaru Impreza prepped for the 24 Hours of Lemons could be perfect.

Tell us about your worst car

Not every car ownership experience is a positive one. What's your worst?

Why do you keep driving an unreliable car?

Sure, some cars are (much) more reliable than others, but sometimes reliability isn't everything.

Your Projects: A Honda-Powered, Fiat X1/9 Lemons Racer

Like many great build threads here on the Forum, user TheTallOne17's project starts with pulling a broken car out of a storage unit.

Last Day to Enter the Virtually Awful Concours d’Lemons

Today, July 20, is the last day to enter the Virtually Awful Concours d’Lemons and a chance to win fabulous prizes.

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Features: Neal Losey’s amazing, life-changing year full of Lemons

Neal Losey had a year to remember, racing 37 cars, competing at 18 tracks across the country, en route to a 24 Hours of Lemons national drivers' championship.

News and Notes: Racing a bargain AMC: Like Penske and Donohue but different?

Not a Chevy, not a Ford, not even a Plymouth. It’s an AMC.

Features: The $500-Ish, Viper V10-Powered Rolls-Royce

You’re seeing this correctly, that is a Dodge Viper V10 dropped into a 1970s Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow for the 24 Hours of Lemons.

Features: What Do You Get When You Cross a Radio Flyer and an Oreo? A Race Car, Apparently

As recovering auto journalists, the 24 Hours of Lemons staff appreciates a good pun. Case in point, the Honda del Sol-based OREO Speedwagon.

Features: Low-Buck Tech: Frankenstein's Metro

Few people can match Lemons team Charnal House Racing in pure junkyard ingenuity. Their mid-engined Geo Metro includes parts from 67 different vehicle models.

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