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You Need This: LFX V6-swapped ND Miata built by V8R Performance

Don't let the stock looks fool you, this ND Miata is packing a 3.6-liter LFX V6 from a Chevy Camaro.

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Broke a CV Joint: This is how we will prevent that from happening again

We ended our Miata’s first race early, loading the car on its trailer with a broken CV joint and a missing transmission. (It’s a long story.) Now home, it …

What you learn from your first time racing a new car

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For years we’d built and built: Through Covid, through supply chain challenges, through multiple shops 500 miles apart, we’d kept working …

Giving our Miata the aero edge that it really deserves

We’d tripled our Miata’s OEM horsepower via an LFX swap, and this fact sent chills down our spine: We’ve raced this car at Daytona, and even with only …

How to upgrade an LFX’s PCV system for track use

Our V6-swapped Miata was rapidly approaching finished, and past experience with modern direct-injected engines taught us to anticipate one problem before it began: the stock LFX PCV system. …

A new season means an updated fire-suppression system

Almost every amateur racing organization requires a fire system these days. But there’s a broad spectrum of legal setups, from the bare minimum to above and beyond, and we’ve written …

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