Lotus articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

Lotus articles, project cars, conversations, and more

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Meet Our New Lotus in Michigan

We're headed to the Concours d'LeMons in Plymouth Michigan tomorrow.

Reader's Ride of the Week: Restomod Europa

A British classic with a modern twist.

You Need This: 2005 Lotus Elise

A Lotus Elise looks so right in British Racing Green.

Your Projects: Life With a Lotus Elise

A lot of us here would love to own a Lotus Elise, but what’s the reality?

You Need This: Elan Autocross Champion

Forum member elanracer—go figure—is selling his three-time SCCA Solo champion Lotus.

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Shop Work: 20 Fuel Sippers We'd Gladly Drive

What if we told you that there's a bunch of fuel-efficient vehicles out there that are actually fun to drive?

Buyer's Guides: Lotus Elise: How to get the most out of one of the last analog sports cars

Is this lightweight wonder really the last of its kind in the sports car world?

Features: Which Lotus Is the Ultimate Driver's Car? Elise or Exige?

More power and more stick make the Lotus Elise and Exige more better.

Features: What makes the perfect sports car?

Norman Garrett, design engineer of the original Miata, tries to answer that question.

Buyer's Guides: Just how similar are the Lotus Elise and Tesla Roadster?

The Lotus Elise inspired the original Tesla, but how deep does the DNA go?

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How much power did we get after dyno tuning our Elan? | Restoration Impossible Lotus Elan

Thanks to some help from Lotus expert Chris Tchorznicki of Sevens & Elans, LLC, our Lotus Elan project has quietly been receiving a bit of sorting.

Should you also buy a Lotus Elan?

Could a Lotus Elan be the right choice for you, too? Well, our editor is here to present a case: 5 reasons why you might want a Lotus Elan in …

Lotus Forum Topics

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FS: +4 Miata Locost project, $2,000.
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What's faster, Volvo 122S or Lotus Exige?
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Lotus Readers' Rides

Aug 17, 2021 by Keith Tanner
Lotus Seven (Locost)

Take the handling and excitement of Colin Chapman's original, then fill it full of modern mechanicals from a Miata - and voila. A Miata-based Locost. Built by yours truly.
Weight …

Aug 17, 2021 by Keith Tanner
Lotus Seven replica

It's not a real Lotus, but it runs like one. It takes all the good bits from the Miata and weighs right around 1300 lbs. The engine has been worked …

Aug 17, 2021 by Jay
1992 Lotus Elan m100

1993 Elan, turbo, manual, soft top, fun. My autobahnstorming runabout here in Europe. Pulled it out of storage in England and then proceeded to drive it across three countries home. …

Aug 17, 2021 by SkinnyG (Forum Supporter)
2006 Lotus Lethal Locost

  • Corolla GT-S donor.
  • Megasquirt with GSX-R ITB's and Ford EDIS.
  • Factory LSD.
  • Fibreglass from Curtis Unlimited.
  • Hyundai Excel radiator.
  • Chevette spindles, Datsun 210 hubs.
  • Porterfield R4S brakes, twin Wilwood …

Aug 17, 2021 by DUTCH 73 tcs
Lotus Europa Twin Cam Spl

'73 TCS currently in mid disassembly for a respray/rebuild

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