#LowBuckWednesday articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

#LowBuckWednesday articles, project cars, conversations, and more

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Think you can outrun this twice-abandoned Merkur XR4Ti? | #LowBuckWednesday

Wyatt Fletcher didn't let years of setbacks stop him from competing in the $2000 Challenge–so what's stopping you?

Are you faster than this automotive melting pot? | #LowBuckWednesday

For less than $2000, Ben Lewis was able to construct this Opel GT with car parts from around the world, including turbo Nissan power–so what's holding you up?

Is electricity superior to $2000 of ingenuity? | #LowBuckWednesday

Is a car built for more than $2000 faster than one built for less? Michael Simmons took that question a step further.

Can you defeat this Neon dynasty? | #LowBuckWednesday

Bill Cuttitta, and the Shelby Dodge Auto Club, have been mainstays of the $2000 Challenge since its inaugural event in 1999–but does all that experience equate to an easy win?

Is this Pontiac Fiero a bargain engineering marvel? | #LowBuckWednesday

If you've ever sworn vengeance against the engineers who designed your car, here's your chance to compete against them.

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