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You Need This: Will you be the one to save this E30 M3?

Looking for a project that can double as an investment? Here's an E30 M3 that needs saving.

You need this: An LS-swapped, Techno Violet BMW E36 M3

This E36-chassis BMW M3 has a lot going for it: Techno violet, LS power and some rad Momo Heritage wheels.

Looking for an E30 M3 to race? Here’s an option.

Have an engine looking for a race car? This E30 M3 roller can be had for less than $20,000.

This E46 M3 is built to go the distance–again and again | #FastFriday

Instead of a crazy powerful, high-strung engine, Lawrence Shue built this E46 M3 for dependable, repeatable track sessions.

How often do you get to compete against a new BMW M3? | #FastFriday

Think your track machine is faster than a new G80 M3? Now's your chance to find out.

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Columns: How I learned to stop worrying and love my BMW M3

You put a lot of effort into your cars, so why not actually drive and enjoy them?

Columns: Could you be happy with just one car?

True happiness always seems to be just one more car away, but is the opposite actually true?

Buyer's Guides: 8 darlings from the '90s you need to drive while you still can

The ’90s gave us some of the best performance cars ever made. Here are 8 that should buy–or at least drive–before they disappear.

Buyer's Guides: E90 and E92 BMW M3: Expert tips on buying, maintenance and more

We ask out experts how to buy the only 3 Series that came from the factory with a V8.

Buyer's Guides: BMW E46 M3: Expert advice on buying, modding and more

Here’s what you need to know if you’re shopping for one of these supersedans.

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M3 project car updates

Do all cars really need bigger brakes?

Some cars greatly benefit from a big-brake kit, as the factory pieces just can’t handle the heat. Just see how the upsized hardware transformed our Corvette Z06 and …

Can our E46 M3 run with a new Hyundai Elantra N?

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Building a street car that can theoretically survive a track day is one thing, but what does the data actually say? Does …

One simple trick to restore the steering feel of your E46 BMW

You like that headline, right?

So, our E46-chassis BMW M3. Its steering never felt awesome. Let’s call it a little soft, which is a polite way of calling it …

Figuring out what that warning light actually means


Okay, it wasn’t that bad.

Our E46-chassis BMW M3 broadcast a different error message: SERVICE ENGINE SOON.

Okay, what does that mean? And how soon …

How we easily fixed our M3’s HVAC

The fan blower worked when it wanted to.

Then it stopped blowing altogether.

It’s a BMW, so this is going to get complicated, right?

Fortunately, not.

Rennie of

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