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Want a new Mini with a manual? This might be your last chance.

If you've always wanted a brand-new Mini with a manual gearbox, you better act fast.

Does a manual gearbox make the Supra better?

What happens when you put a manual transmission in a Toyota Supra? We took a new six-speed Supra to the FIRM to find out.

Mini to offer more models with manuals

Mini ups the ante as the marque offers more models with manual transmissions.

Favorite transmission you’ve driven?

What transmission that you've driven is your favorite? Something manual? Something automatic? Or perhaps something else entirely?

Toyota USA (finally) confirms that the manual GR Supra is coming

The worst kept secret around? Toyota USA just announced that the 2023 GR Supra will be available with a six-speed manual.

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Columns: Is it time to say goodbye to the manual transmission?

The automatic transmission has gotten really good in recent years–so good, in fact, that maybe it's time to retire the manual transmission, says Associate Editor Chris Tropea.

Features: Toyota Supra Manual: Why it will be amazing at autocross

Thinking about upgrading your autocross ride? The manual Toyota Supra should be high on your list of candidates.

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