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Check this out: a JDM Toyota MR2 Turbo for sale

Sure, the steering wheel is on the other side of car, but the JDM MR2 Turbo also got more power from the factory than the U.S. version.

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Shop Work: What we've learned after a lifetime of project cars

What wisdom have we gleaned from years of GRM project cars? We're glad you asked.

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MR2 Turbo project car updates

Rules require a floor covering? What we used instead of carpets.

One of the things you notice when your car catches on fire is that the stuff you use to put out the fire is capital M messy. We’ve found fire …

Overcoming our V6-powered MR2's weak point: oiling

The 3.5-liter Toyota 2GR-FE that’s going into our MR2–with its forged bottom end, roller rockers, aluminum block and high-winding nature–is a heck of an engine despite its pedestrian Camry …

What is causing our MR2's shift linkage to keep binding?

It would be nice if we could shift our MR2’s gears, right?

In the last update on our 2GR V6-swapped 1991 Toyota MR2, we left …

How we’re going to keep our V6 MR2 properly lubricated

You’ll often hear oil referred to as the lifeblood of an engine. While this metaphor stretches things a bit, it is true that if you lose all of each fluid–or …

Can a racing seat unlock more speed?

So, just before our MR2 burst into flames at Daytona, it was running well. Really well.

[How to react when your car catches fire | Project …

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