MR2 articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

MR2 articles, project cars, conversations, and more

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Your Projects: Dropping a V6 Into a First-Generation MR2

A general rule of thumb says not to buy someone else's project. User dherr ignored that advice by picking up a first-generation Toyota MR2 in the middle of a V6 swap.

Your Projects: Restoring and Modifying an AW11-Chassis Toyota MR2

Getting your hands on an AE86 Corolla can be almost impossible. The next best thing? How about an AW11 Toyota MR2 like the one forum user Vracer111 just recently picked up?

Show Us: When Your Tow Vehicle and Race Car Come From the Same Brand

Have a one-make tow rig like our Tundra/MR2 combo? Show it off here.

How To Revive an MR2 With a Supercharged Camry Engine | Read Now With GRM+

Subscribe to GRM+ to get access to this past story, along with many more from the archives.

Which early 2000s, mid-engine, Toyota-powered sports car: Elise or MR2?

Which one would you rather have? Toyota MR2 Spyder or Lotus Elise?

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Buyer's Guides: Saving the best for last? | Toyota MR2 Spyder buyer's guide

As the new millennium approached, Toyota had a plan to woo back younger drivers. One of the arrows in their quiver was the MR2 Spyder: light, fun and, perhaps most importantly, inexpensive.

Shop Work: Can blueprinting old fuel injectors really increase performance?

One of the first things we do whenever we pick up an older car? Go through the fuel system.

Features: Is a Camry engine the ultimate Toyota MR2 upgrade?

This Toyota MR2 hides supercharged Camry power.

Vintage Views: SW20-Chassis Toyota MR2 | Classic Cool

Ferrari looks, top-shelf performance, Toyota reliability: Yep, we’re talking about the second-generation MR2.

Columns: Trading Speed For Emotion | Column

Sometimes, we pick project cars not because they are the best tool for the job, but because they mean something to us on a deeper level.

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MR2 project car updates

How to react when your car catches fire | Project MR2 Turbo

To answer your first questions, yes, our Toyota MR2 Turbo caught fire at the recent SCCA Track Night in America event at Daytona International Speedway, and, …

Advice: Dealing with insurance after the fire | Project Toyota MR2 Turbo

After we pulled our 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo back into the shop and started to inspect it after the engine fire at Daytona International Speedway, we realized that …

What does it take to swap a V6 into a Toyota MR2? | Full parts list | Project Toyota MR2 V6

The term “plug and play” gets tossed around so much that it seems to have lost all meaning–at least when it comes to engine swaps. Even so, the more pieces …

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1991 Toyota MR2 - T-TOP - 2.2L N/A - 5spd - Ridgeland, MS
MK1 MR2 parts, Free to Good Home (pickup NW Arkansas)
Saw Karl, an MR2, some vines (another MR2?), and stood in for a pretty Native American Archer.
NMNA: $1500 AW11 MR2 Silvertop in Colorado Springs, CO
FS (Colorado): V6 Swapped 1991 Toyota MR2
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