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Live thread: Track testing our Mustang vintage racer and Mk7 GTI

Follow this thread for live updates while we track test our 1965 Ford Mustang vintage race car and 2017 VW Mk7 Golf GTI.

Live chat: Miatas, Mustangs and more for new SCCA Club Spec program

The SCCA has chosen the NC Miata and 2005-’09 S197 Ford Mustang for its new Club Spec Classes.

You Need This: 5.0-liter Mustang LX notchback with a stick

Think finding a clean 5.0-liter Mustang LX is impossible? This '89 notchback for sale says otherwise.

ICYMI: Ford unveils “engineered to go like hell” Mustang GTD

Ford pulled the cover off the 2025 Ford Mustang GTD, essentially a road-going version of the upcoming Mustang GT3 race car.

Want a Miata that looks like a Mustang? Check this out.

What happens when you combine a Ford Mustang with an NA Miata? This car, apparently.

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Shop Work: What we've learned after a lifetime of project cars

What wisdom have we gleaned from years of GRM project cars? We're glad you asked.

Features: How to assemble a race-ready drivetrain

Assembling a drivetrain for a race car? Here's when you can save a few bucks–and when you shouldn't.

Features: How to stitch together a bulletproof rear end

Items left on our Mustang’s to-do list: Source a rear axle and properly suspend it.

Features: #TBT | Rallying a Mustang with a 6.3-liter engine

Because driving a 5.0-powered Mustang in rally event isn't extreme enough.

Buyer's Guides: #TBT: Is now the time to enjoy the greatest cars of the 1990s?

Is there still time to enjoy these icons from '90s? Or have recent values made them unobtainable?

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Fitting our Mustang with period-looking, easy-to-read gauges

Gotta know what’s going on under the hood, right?

So when we first prepped our 1965 Mustang vintage racer, we decided to explore the Prosport …

How to install a tow hook on an older race car

Before we painted our 1965 Mustang’s engine compartment, we figured that now was the best time to mount a tow hook.

Most racing organizations require cars to …

Putting our Mustang through its first track test

As we soon found out, while effective at moving the exhaust away from the car, the exhaust system we fabricated for our Mustang is very loud and certainly not street …

Giving our Mustang a race-ready alignment

For a good race alignment, we took our 1965 Ford Mustang race car down to longtime friend Geoff Thompson, owner of Alignment Shop, Inc., in Ormond …

Building an exhaust fit for a (Mustang) race car

Race car exhaust systems are usually pretty simple. To assist fabbing up an exhaust for our 1965 Ford Mustang race car, we went to Travis at

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Is the Mustang II cool yet? NMNA
(Horse-related pun thread title) - 2005 Mustang GT build thread
Happy National Mustang Day!
Challenge Hail Mary: 1970 Mustang Mach 1
How well do the 2012/13 Boss 302s hold up at higher mileage?
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Mustang Readers' Rides

Feb 06, 2021 by Geofordman
1968 None Widebody

68 Mustang body on a 06 Crown Victoria chassis.

Feb 06, 2021 by Geofordman
1968 None Widebody

68 Mustang body on a 06 Crown Victoria chassis.

Oct 17, 2020 by Scott Shankle
2000 None Ford Mustang GT Coupe

Second owner, 2000 GT coupe, Satin Silver over Dark charcoal leather. 5 speed manual. Was daily driver for a few years. 200k plus miles. No major mods. -Maximum Motorsports Full …

Jul 18, 2022 by phaze1todd
2011 None Mustang V6 Base

6-speed Getrag manual. First year for 305hp V6. Sub 6 0-60, Sub 14 quarter mile. PO added Bassani axle backs. Two PO’s, well cared for, 75,000 miles. When I say …

Nov 30, 2019 by pugboy
2011 None GT

My 2011 Ford Mustang GT track car has been a track rat almost since day one. She has a thoroughly upgraded suspension. Almost nothing is stock on the vehicle, expect …

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