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Free oil analysis courtesy of Motul at IMSA Petit Le Mans

What to get your oil checked for metals and impurities? Bring a sample to the Motul Petit Le Mans this weekend.

Motul now offers oils for your Rad-era ride

Need a special oil for your special Gen X-era car? Motul has on oil for that.

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Drivetrain: Straight talk on oil for track and race use

We ask various experts in the engine oil industry questions most commonly fielded by automotive enthusiasts.

Drivetrain: All about oil for street and autocross use

We ask various experts in the engine oil industry questions most commonly fielded by automotive enthusiasts.

Shop Work: How to choose the right oil for your engine

Sure, the manual tells you what oil you need–but what if you've moved beyond stock?

Features: What Separates a Racing Oil From a Street Oil?

What exactly separates a race oil from the typical oil found in passenger cars? We asked Alec Wolff, technical product manager at Motul.

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Did we discover a cure for Miata lifter tick?

Miata engines love to tap just to remind us that they’re there. The engines typically deliver decades of faithful service, so occasionally they like to say, “Hey, we’re still here” with …

What oil to run in our air-cooled Porsche 911?

It was time to change the oil, which meant it was time to ask a question: Which oil should we use?

On a newer car, the answer can typically be …

Did we ruin our engine? This is what an oil analysis test revealed

Whelp, we did it: My wife and I bought a broken Cayman in Seattle, Washington, and then drove it all the way home to Florida in fourth gear. …

Why we put special fluids in our Mustang race car

Racing is hard on fluids, so we needed to choose some specialized products for our Mustang race car.

For the engine, we turned …

Before returning to the track, an oil service for our Porsche 997

Before we could return to the track with our new Bridgestone RE-71RS tires and Apex wheels, we needed to do an oil service on our Porsche …

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