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You Need This: Ready-to-race Mazda RX-8 with several spares

If it's a race car with plenty of spares you want, then this Mazda RX-8 is the race car to get.

You Need This: B-Spec Chevy Sonic race car

Still competitive in SCCA today, this Chevy Sonic previously competed in the Pirelli World Challenge.

You Need This: What engine are you putting in this E28 BMW race car?

Could this E28-chassis BMW 5 Series be your next track car? All it needs is an engine, transmission and fuel cell.

You Need This: Renault Alliance Showroom Stock race car

When was the last time you saw a Renault Alliance on the road, let alone as a race car?

You Need This: ChampCar-spec Nissan Altima race car

This Nissan Altima race car is said to be good for over 250 horsepower and has multiple ChampCar wins under its belt.

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Columns: What will we be racing 20 years from now?

What do you think we'll be racing in 20 years?

Columns: The lessons we learned while sorting a new race car

As it turns out, extreme solutions–like fitting a Camaro V6 into an NA Miata–can actually lead to some difficulties.

Columns: Does racing history make a car more or less valuable?

Does racing history always equal more value? Or is there more to the equation than simply time on track?

Shop Work: How we built a competitive road racer in 8 easy steps

Building a race car may not be quite as difficult as you realize.

Columns: Is riding in a brass-era race car really that terrifying?

If you thought a classic microcar was a thrilling experience, just wait until you ride shotgun in a brass-era race car.

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Why we put special fluids in our Mustang race car

Racing is hard on fluids, so we needed to choose some specialized products for our Mustang race car.

For the engine, we turned …

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