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How to pick the right fire extinguisher for your car

You might already know the importance of keeping an extinguisher in your car, but do you have the right one?

Making your racing effort safer by observing the pros | Coming Soon

Not sure how to make your track machine safer? Just look at how a pro team like FCP Euro's IMSA effort does safety.

Just because your car is old, doesn’t mean its brakes should suck

Older cars are fun to drive for a number of reasons, but poor braking performance shouldn't be one of them.

How To Make an Older Car Safer

As technology improves, newer cars become safer and safer, but that doesn’t mean that older cars can be made a least a little bit safer.

Volvo Celebrates 50 Years of Its CSI-esque Accident Research Team

Volvo's Accident Research Team is a lot like a CSI team, but instead of making bad puns and solving crime, they work to make Volvo even safer.

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Safety: Track days: Is there such a thing as too safe?

Just because you aren’t racing doesn’t mean the walls aren’t still concrete.

Features: How to talk brakes | Ways to turn desires into hardware

Understanding how to talk upgrades with braking experts–and how to get the parts you need.

Safety: Advice to the wise: Always be mindful of safety

When we rolled over in a side-by-side at a press event, it reminded us that we shouldn't take our safety for granted.

Safety: Investing in your safety setup? Take inspiration from FCP Euro’s IMSA effort

How do you make your racing effort safer? Why not look to the pros for guidance?

News and Notes: Code 35: A safer take on the traditional full-course yellow?

Instead of a full-course yellow that can leave some drivers running at their own pace, some groups and tracks are adopting Code 35.

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Safety project car updates

How to install a harness and window net

Our Mustang vintage racer had a seat, but what else did we need to keep the driver secure? That’s right, a harness and, should things go sideways, a window …

Can a racing seat unlock more speed?

So, just before our MR2 burst into flames at Daytona, it was running well. Really well.

[How to react when your car catches fire | Project …

Installing Lifeline’s Compact, Efficient Novec 1230 Fire-Suppression System | Project LS-Powered 350Z

Sure, our LS-powered Nissan 350Z could now move under its own power, but that created a whole new set of potential problems: fiery problems.

Time trials competition …

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