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What’s your favorite memory of working on someone else’s car?

Working on someone else's project offers plenty of memorable moments. What's one of yours?

What is the most valuable tool you own?

Whether it's monetary, sentimental or some other reason, what's the most valuable tool you own?

You can only make one modification to your next car, what are you upgrading?

What's harder than deciding how to spend that million? How about deciding on one modification to make to the car?

How to fix fiberglass

Have some fiberglass that needs fixing? Here are a few web items that should help with the repairs.

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Shop Work: Fitting tires and wheels when an off-the-shelf option isn’t listed

Our MR2 needed new tires, but first we had a question to answer: How would we fit a modern setup under those now-vintage fenders?

Shop Work: How to renovate an old mill

We bought this old Bridgeport mill. Now to make it operational in our home shop.

Shop Work: 8 secrets to bending and flaring pro-quality brake lines

Scared of tackling brake plumbing? With these tricks and the right tools, you can bend lines like a pro.

Shop Work: 5 questions to ask yourself before switching to a standalone ECU

Think it’s time to control your car with a laptop? First, a few questions to ask.

Shop Work: 10 common suspension problems–and how to cure them

Looking for more speed? It could be your suspension slowing you down. Fortunately, expert help awaits.

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