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Sunoco articles, project cars, conversations, and more

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In the November Issue | Fuel Tips

What happens to gasoline as it ages? Find out in the next issue of Grassroots Motorsports Magazine.

Can you blend fuels to get the right mix of octane?

An alternative to shopping for a specifc octane fuel? Why not just mix two together to get the right mix?

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Podcast: Fuel Tips: Ethanol or Not?

We share the details on ethanol and whether or not it adds any benefits.

News and Notes: Fuel Tips: The Science of High Octane Fuel

We briefly discuss the science behind high octane fuels.

News and Notes: Fuel Tips: What is Specific Gravity?

There's more to fuel than the octane rating.

Features: 91 vs. 93 | Fuel Tips

The western half of the country usually only have access to 91-octane fuel, while 93 octane is fairly common in the eastern half. An engine can be tuned to make more power on 93-octane fuel than 91.

Features: Why not Methanol? | Fuel Tips

Running methanol as a fuel sounds great–even more performance potential at a lower price. But, first, some considerations.

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