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Features: #TBT | A dual-engine Honda CRX and 10 other cool cars hit the dyno

Back in 1997 we put 11 cool cars on the dyno in search of horsepower and truth.

Buyer's Guides: #TBT | Suzuki Swift: The fun-to-drive hatchback that time forgot?

The Suzuki Swift may as well be the epitome of "slow car fast," but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun to drive.

Features: Fiat 500 vs. Shelby GT500: How do they compare?

The modern version of David versus Goliath involves a whole lot less beheading, vengeance and wrath, but it’s still an effective teaching tool.

Features: Das Überwagon: The unique E36 that nears a stunning 170 mph on track

Check out this E36 station wagon that neared 170 mph at VIR.

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