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New Tesla Model 3 Performance: 500-plus horses for less than $50K

Tesla's new Model 3 Performance offers 500-plus horsepower for less than $50K after $7500 tax rebate.

Is electricity superior to $2000 of ingenuity? | #LowBuckWednesday

Is a car built for more than $2000 faster than one built for less? Michael Simmons took that question a step further.

ICYMI: Model 3 Challenge Coming to Gridlife in 2023

If you're looking to race a Tesla Model 3 wheel to wheel, check out this series.

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Features: The mods you need to make a Tesla Model 3 into a competitive racer

Where can you find Teslas on track these days? How about high-profile events like Pikes Peak?

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Asking the Hive- Other OEM wheels on a Tesla 3 Performance
$2000 Challenge EV Car?
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