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Electronics & Electrical Systems: How to wire a car from scratch

Wiring a car from scratch doesn’t have to be a daunting project.

Electronics & Electrical Systems: How to transform a rat’s nest of wiring into an orderly harness

Instead of just ignoring that wiring mess, some methodical work can deliver OE levels of organization.

Shop Work: How to wire a cross-pollinated engine swap | Swap Science

Here’s how we mated two totally different wiring harnesses to make one functioning car–and how you can do it, too.

Electronics & Electrical Systems: A No-Stress Way to Tackle Wiring for Your Race Car

Working with electricity can be scary, and scary jobs are often left untouched. Why face a potential trouble spot when you can tackle a more comfortable task?

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Wiring project car updates

How to stop rats from eating our Toyota Tundra?

While we love our 2010 Toyota Tundra for doing truck stuff, doing truck stuff is not an everyday occurrence. Our Tundra will occasionally sit for as much as …

Wiring a race car from scratch doesn't have to be hard

We needed to rewire our Mustang from scratch but, fortunately, we had some help: We threw away the 60-year-old harness and replaced it with a Ron Francis Wiring Bare …

Adapting a Bugeye Sprite wiring harness for modern upgrades

Story by Tim Murray

A Bugeye Sprite is rather unique in that the central part of the wiring harness is separate from the rest and the dashboard is removable. As …

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