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Word of the Day: Bob Sharp Racing

Connecticut’s Bob Sharp Racing would give Datsun their first SCCA national championship in 1967 by winning the F Production race in a Datsun roadster.

Word of the Day: Group 44 Inc.

The look was unmistakable: white paint, green trim and a logo featuring a reversed pair of 4’s. Team uniforms were spotless. Group 44 Inc. helped raise the bar on car prep and team presentation.

Word of the Day: Kastner-Brophy Racing

Several factory-backed teams dominated the ’70s SCCA road racing scene, with Triumph employing two teams: Bob Tullius’s Group 44 Inc. in the east, and Kastner-Brophy Racing in the west.

Word of the Day: Brock Racing Enterprises

After his stint with Shelby American, Peter Brock formed his own team: SoCal’s Brock Racing Enterprises.

Word of the Day: Onikyan

Onikyan is Japanese for demon camber. So much negative camber.

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