How to properly set tire pressures for the track

Even if you’ve dialed in camber, caster, toe, ride height, spring rates and every other suspension parameter, all that work could become moot if you don’t properly set your tire pressures.

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So how do you correctly set those pressures? We’ll let championship driver, race engineer and resident tire tester Andy Hollis explain how, but you should get yourself a timer, a pyrometer and a skidpad.

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6/2/21 4:50 p.m.

I think if you know your optimal range there are some cheap tpms kits that actively see temps and pressures such that you can easily dial in the fine adjustments to attain your targets during your track day, which is fun too.

Durty Reader
6/4/21 8:39 a.m.

This is very helpful and I love this style of delivery. 


Some of my favorite things from GRM are how to's and there are lots of great articles, but a video is much easier for me to follow as a barely literate track gorilla. 

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