How to actually finish your project car

The most difficult part of any restoration? Actually finishing the project.

Luckily, Classic Motorsports Publisher Emeritus Tim Suddard shares some of his tips on how to reach the finish line.

vjonesjr New Reader
10/12/23 1:42 p.m.

I made sure I actually got it done by making the financial commitment and buy-in to the promise of a high experience wth a Classic Motorsports tour that was about a year off and located halfway across the country from me.  I had to get it done pretty much right and in time!

tomhargold New Reader
3/6/24 12:27 p.m.

Tim, I agree almost completely with what you have to say here. In my time I have restored a couple of cars at home in my garage. They include '76 TR6 and a '67 MGB/GT. They both turned out fairly well, not professional quality but still pretty good. My caution is to not assume, when you take something apart and take photos, that it is correct. After 40, 50 maybe 60 years you have no idea how many times things have been disassembled and put back together, and by who. One must use all the reference material possible to figure it out. A friend of mine and I are currently deep into the restoration of a '47 MGTC. We brought the car home on a trailer in boxes. Documentation with the car show at least 17 previous owners. We are doing our best to get it right, or at least close to how it left Abingdon-on-Thames almost 80 years ago.

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