NA Miata: What wheel and tire setup is best?

Need help deciding what the best wheel and tire combo is for your NA Miata?

There are plenty of options, but here are a few reasons why we went with a 15-inch setup for our Garage Rescue Miata.

map2050 New Reader
2/23/24 3:49 p.m.

To run the NA in SCCA stock the 15" rim is limited to 5.5" width and the offset can go to 38 if I'm reading it correct. Is the 5.5 rim too narrow for the 205/50R15 tire? Thinking of autocrossing my '91 again after years away. Any advice for jumping back in to the fun?

Tom1200 PowerDork
2/23/24 4:02 p.m.

So I really like them on the stock 14" wheels. I think they are most fun on 185/60-14 tires.


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