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Ferrari , Lamborghini , Movies , film , Enzo Ferrari , Ferruccio Lamborghini
Lamborghini vs. Ferrari | Battle of the biopics

Which biopic are you looking forward to most, "Ferrari" or “Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend?”

Colin Wood
J.A. Ackley
David S. Wallens
Ferrari , V12 , Engine swap , 308 , FrankenFerrari
Do you have the guts to drill into a Ferrari engine? | The latest from FrakenFerrari, the V12-powered Ferrari 308

One of the forum's most popular builds to date? The FrankenFerrari, a V12-powered Ferrari 308.

Colin Wood
Ferrari , Daytona
Tokyo Vice? A black Daytona coupe (replica) being loved and shared

The rad appeal of Miami Vice clearly has no borders, as evidenced by this Japanese enthusiast.

David S. Wallens
Ferrari , Porsche
Name a car you want to drive but never own

Would you rather own a legend like the Ferrari F40 or Porsche 930 Turbo or just take one for a spin?

Colin Wood
Ferrari , Monterey , F40 , Auction
Maybe we’re not getting that Ferrari F40 after all

Turns out you'll need more than a million to get your hands on an F40 nowadays.

David S. Wallens
Ferrari , Claudio Zampolli , Cizeta
Rest in peace Claudio Zampolli, Sammy Hagar's Ferrari mechanic

Sammy Hagar's Ferrari mechanic and creator of the Cizeta V16T Claudio Zampolli has passed.

David S. Wallens
Ferrari , 512 BB/LM
Own a piece of racing history with this ’81 Ferrari 512 BB/LM

More than just the racing version of the 512, this Ferrari race car ran at Le Mans under the NART banner.

Colin Wood
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