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Update by Scott Lear to the Acura Integra Type R project car
Aug 3, 2004

With a few thousand miles and several months worth of use on the TEIN Type REs, we’re still of the opinion that they rock. A chance to take them to a road course hasn’t come up yet, but they’re lots of fun on the street and continue to make the car an even more competent autocross competitor.

The Type R has been a bit more pampered this summer, as Scott has been putting most of his miles on a recently aquired beater 1989 Volvo 740 Turbo wagon. The Volvo has received the bulk of attention and money to bring it up to snuff since it was purchased in the early spring. The boost-box is fun, but whenever we need a shot of adrenaline we strap into the Type R, fire it up and feel the love of VTEC.

We’ve got a slight on-and-off clicking from the right front: probably a CV joint, but it’s not bad enough that we’re worried yet. It’s about time to install the lightweight Toda flywheel that’s been sitting around and calls to us at night. Scott won the flywheel at ITR Expo 3 in 2003, but wanted to abuse the stock clutch a bit more before upgrading the whole assembly. We’re now shopping for a replacement clutch….once the weather gets a bit less muggy we’ll get the car in the air and upgrade the flywheel and clutch, and probably the axles. 55,000 miles of fun and counting…

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