Started on Nov. 7 by LuxInterior

1992 Mazda Miata

Late in 2014, my much loved beater 1994 Miata died a horrible death: T-boned by a Chevy pickup. Luckily, I survived. My wife noticed how much I missed the car and on the sly, picked up this 357k mile 1992. She then took it over to my good friend Brian’s house and he cleaned it up: removing all of the sticky pennies, french fries, Ketchup packets, etc. He pulled over $9 in change out while ‘de-crapping’ the car. My wife surprised me with the car on my birthday. She’s pretty great. Some freshening up and a few upgrades later (new brakes, a roll bar, hard top, sway bars, race radiator, comp motor mounts) and it’s becoming a great little toy

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