Started on Sept. 7 by Pushrod

1971 Ford Pinto


Picked up in 2010. California base model, (mostly) original paint, 1600 Kent motor w/4-speed, black interior, 82k miles & only a couple small rust spots. Mods so far are a Kawasaki fuel pump & 36mm bike carbs from a ZX600, custom aluminum intake manifold, ITG air filter, Taylor ignition wires, Pertronix coil & distributor, Piper/105 Speed stainless header & custom 2” stainless system. Shortened & revalved Koni front shocks, Eaton front springs, Koni rear shocks, 13x7 & 13x9 wide steel wheels w/ Yokohama A539s, 1” lowering blocks & de-arched rear springs. Corbeau buckets w/Simpson harnesses & period Wink mirror, Hella H4 headlamps, UP front spoiler…

Latest updates
Nov. 23
Summertime Pic....

Now that winter has truly set in, here’s a summer pic taken in Canby, OR …

Oct. 23

One of the high points of this past summer was getting the front spoiler into …

Oct. 18
Fire In The Hole

Finally got things rolling this summer with the header install. Originally configured for a British …

Jan. 12
Stainless Exhaust Header

The fact that the Ford Kent Engine is about as humble as it gets is …

Jan. 01
Back At It

It’s been awhile w/out an update, and Christmas actually came a bit early this year. …

Nov. 16
Roller Bearing Upgrade

Started gathering the parts for some rear suspension mods this winter. First up is replacing …

Nov. 11
More Road Hugging Weight....

…was one of Ford’s more memorable ad slogans from the ‘70’s. In the case of …

Oct. 14
LSD Prep

Had some free time today, so I rehabbed the D4ZZ Ford Equalock Diff that I’ve …

Oct. 09
Rad Stuff

Split a top radiator hose right at the start of summer. Not good for driving, …

Sept. 23
The Search For Supple

Mark Donohue’s iconic book, The Unfair Advantage, mentions the breakthrough softer springs gave him in …

Sept. 16
Custom Konis

After chopping the coils and getting the front to sit properly (more or less), it …

Sept. 14
Pintos are a bit oversprung.

When Ford rolled it off the assembly line, it’s load capacity had to accommodate four …

Sept. 12
Hangin' A Wink....

More of a backdate than an update. As this is a ‘70’s ride, I thought …

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Sept. 18, 2013, 6:44 p.m.

Helping Roland with this project was a gas! He is the brains behind the vision and I helped facilitate with the workspace, tools, and tech assistance. Bike carbs?!:-) Who'd a thought it but they will amaze and delight. The suspension work is all but done and the shock/spring rate research done by Roland is paying off with a great ride and road feel. More to come when we do the rear springs and shocks there. Stay tuned! jimmy da K

Sept. 20, 2013, 6:58 p.m.

Seems that my first comment didn't make it on but this Pinto has been fun to work on and a learning experience in bike carbs. Looking forward to more suspension mods and credit to Roland444 for doing the research and having a dream I could help make a reality. Mustang 24valve in the future? In a car with half the weight!

Oct. 25, 2013, 8:11 a.m.

a starsky & hutch stripe would set it off. ask me how i know.

Nov. 20, 2013, 7:49 p.m.

dude i love this EPIC~

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