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Looking for hand tools that won’t break after one use? There’s a thread for that.

Ask the forum: Where's the best place to buy quality hand tools?

What is the most valuable tool you own?

Whether it's monetary, sentimental or some other reason, what's the most valuable tool you own?

What expensive tool is absolutely worth the price?

Nobody wants to overpay for a tool, but which ones are actually worth the extra cash?

Harbor Freight tool reviews | Real feedback from real users

Want to know if that Harbor Freight tool will hold up to the abuse? Our forum members made a thread to find out.

Electrical problem? Do you know about diamond-tipped electrical connector cleaners?

From the message board: A discussion about a starting issue turned into chatter about diamond-tipped electrical terminal cleaners.

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Shop Work: 10 must-have tools for a scratch-built car

Building a car from scratch? A couple of specialized tools can make all the difference.

Shop Work: How to choose the right tools for cutting metal

One way or another, you’re going to have to cut that metal to size. Here are the many different ways to do that—each with their own pluses and minuses.

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New Toolbox Day!
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