Do you really need to run European-spec oil in your European car?

Sure, your European car asks for special oil, but is it really necessary? Can’t you just run any oil so long as it meets the weight requirement?

[Ask an oil expert part 1: All about Oil for street and autocross use]

We asked Michael Trueba from MPT Industries to find out. As a bonus, he even gives us some tips about oils for track uses, too.

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IamFODI New Reader
9/15/23 7:03 a.m.

I have questions:

1.  Is MPT still the Official Oil of Internet Wisdom?  Literally 100% Group IV and V base stocks, plus massive slugs of every old-school additive (ZDDP, moly, calcium, etc.)?

2.  What major race teams or engine builders use MPT's stuff?

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