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Goodyear Eagle RS selected as spec tire for B-Spec

The Goodyear Eagle RS D4850 and RS-R D4851 wet-weather option have been chosen as the official tires for SCCA's B-Spec class.

Coming Monday: Hoosier R7 vs. Yokohama Advan A055 vs. Goodyear Eagle RS

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Ultimate tire guide gets more ultimate | New tire reviews for Bridgestone, Maxxis and Goodyear

We've just updated our tire guide with reviews for the Bridgestone Potenza RE-71RS, Maxxis RC-1 and Goodyear Eagle RS–so what are you waiting for?

ICYMI: Goodyear Acquires Cooper Tire

For $2.5 billion, Goodyear acquires Cooper Tire.

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Features: Tire test: Hoosier R7 vs. Goodyear Eagle RS vs. Yokohama Advan A055

In this R-comp tire test, we compare the Hoosier R7, Goodyear Eagle RS and Yokohama Advan A055.

Features: R-Comp tire test: Yokohama A055 vs. Hoosier R7 vs. Goodyear Eagle RS

We test the Goodyear Eagle RS DOT against the Yokohama Advan A055 and Hoosier R7 to find out which R-Comp tire offers the best value.

Tires & Wheels: Track Day Tire Test: Nankang, Goodyear and Pirelli

Not slicks, not R-comps, not 200-treadwear tires, but track tires for track days from Nankang, Goodyear and Pirelli.

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Goodyear project car updates

Rules require a floor covering? What we used instead of carpets.

One of the things you notice when your car catches on fire is that the stuff you use to put out the fire is capital M messy. We’ve found fire …

Comparing the Goodyear Eagle RS to the status quo | Project C5 Corvette Z06

In addition to a new engine, our Z06 Corvette left for Time Trials Nats with new rubber, too: Goodyear’s new Eagle RS, a DOT-approved R-compound race tire. …

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