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Learning how to fix rust–by diving in headfirst | Your Projects

Like learning with your hands? So does BlueInGreen - Jon, who just acquired a 1969 Toyota Corona to learn more about rust repair, carburetors and cars built before the ’80s.

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Shop Work: How to repair rusty sheet metal | Basic body work part 1

Rust is often compared to cancer. If caught early, it can be stopped in its tracks. Allow it to spread, and the prognosis isn’t so good.

Shop Work: 4 ways to tackle rust | Good, better, best, ideal

Corrosion never sleeps, but sometimes it takes a nap.

Shop Work: How to Fight Rust With Chemistry

Chemistry causes light bulbs to illuminate, OxiClean to whiten our whites, and Doritos to be delicious. It can also be used to fight rust, a popular adversary.

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How to address rust spots while preserving the original paint

Our turbocharged 1984 VW Rabbit GTI didn’t sport much rust at all, but we still had to fix a few small issues–like one on the rear valance. 

Before hooking up a new battery, investigating something ominous

Our Mustang came with a trunk-mounted battery and a rather nicely made mount from Jegs. But beneath the battery, we didn’t like what we saw: a crude little …

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