Lee UberDork
5/23/21 9:21 p.m.

Have some family friends that unbeknownst to me, have a pile of Alfa Romeo parts.  2x "complete" Twin Cam engines, a bare block and most of the parts to put it back together, 2x manual transmissions, 1x auto transmission, a bunch of random lenses, some trim, gauge clusters, etc.

Here's a link to all of the photos if you'd like to browse.  Also a Corolla 3TC and auto trans in the mix.

I've been tasked with helping them price and hopefully sell them.  I don't know what the market for Alfa parts is, if there even is one, it's not like central Arkansas is Alfa Romeo Mecca.

All engines are mechanically fuel injected, with ITBs, trumpets seem to be MIA though, no exhaust manifolds either.


One of the complete engines has a typical flywheel on it, but the other has this weird mount and flange on on it.  I assumed torque tube to a trans axle, but there's no transaxle in the pile of parts, just "normal" transmissions.  Could be that none of the transmissions actually go with this engine, I'm just guessing that any of the parts went togeter.


Is there anything to be deciphered from these numbers?

This is the bare block, it had a paper tag on it, very faded hand written "block assembly 2000" on it.



I know we have some Alfa nuts in the house.  Anyone have a clue of where/how to start pricing this stuff?  I don't think we'll become Scrooge McDuck off of Alfa parts, but we're not looking to just give the stuff away either.  What's fair market value on this stuff?

I've got a Nash Metropolitan project, I thought an Alfapolitan or Metromeo had a good ring to it...

ddavidv UltimaDork
5/24/21 6:52 a.m.

The injector pumps have value as cores for a rebuilder. The one with the goofy bellhousing came from an Alfetta.

I don't know value these days. I'd regard them like Fiat parts, in that engines aren't terribly hard to find because the bodies rot apart.

alfadriver GRM+ Memberand MegaDork
5/24/21 7:49 a.m.

I've not followed values for many years, but I suspect that one of the better places to check value as well as market them is the Alfabb.com

As ddavidv suggests, the odd bellhousing engine is from an Alfetta- and seeing the binnacles, possibly from an Alfetta Sedan.  Not that it matters at all- all of the Alfas used the same engines for a long time.  If that engine was to be put into a Spider or early GTV, the rear of the crank needs to be drilled out for a pilot bushing- which is a common thing to do.

The "trumpets" for the SPICA injection is the air cleaner.  Sucks that they are not there, but they can be gotten, as well as actual trumpets with filters.  I prefer the air cleaner- as they are set up for cold air intake, and are quieter.

Depending on what year of car they came from, the lack of manifolds isn't a big deal- the mid-70's manifolds generally sucked for flow anyway.  And they are generally available, too.

Seeing one of the binnacles, one engine may be from a GTV like you see in my avatar.  Not that it makes the parts any more rare or valuable...  

Ok- looking up the numbers in my Fusi book- the AR01629's are both from Alfettas- can't be more specific, as they are post my book, but the numbers match US Alfettas.  And the AR01500 is from a US Spider or GT, and seeing the binnacle, I'm betting a GTV.  Of the engines, that's the most "valuable"- as the '72-74 115 cars (both the GTV and Spider) are the most desirable car with the 2l engine in it.  In theory, they have the older cams and good SPICA pump in it.  That being said, everything needs rebuilt- and one of the first things I would do would be to send the pump to Ingram Enterprises in WA to have the pump redone and get it improved with a matching cam (https://www.wesingram.com/)  I had that done on my GTV 25 years ago, and would do the exact same thing- as it drives amazingly well.

Anyway, go to alfabb.com and check the marketplace.  And you may find someone reasonably locally who wants some of it.  

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