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2_3 New Reader
1/10/24 1:59 p.m.

I'm curious about the bulges in the floor, I was expecting it to be flat. Are those pieces from passenger cars welded into the frame? How does it look from below?


Reading the schedule in the petty racing experience website, they do events in speedways only. Are you planning on modifying the suspension to turn right before attending autocross or track days?


This thread has been both informative and entertaining, please keep the updates coming. And congratulations for the wedding!

AMiataCalledSteve HalfDork
1/11/24 10:28 a.m.

In reply to 2_3 :

I feel like I read somewhere that the floor pans are based on some 50s Chevy floor pan or some such thing and were basically a rules requirement for stock cars. However, I can't find that source so take my words with a heavy dose of salt. I don't have any good pics of the underside of the car but it's got a pretty beefy perimeter frame with cross bars for the massive truck arms and other stuff to mount to.

The suspension is not set up for circle track right now, though I haven't taken any measurements to know exactly where everything is alignment-wise. But a circle track car has crazy positive camber on the driver's front wheel and negative camber on the passenger side, and this car is pretty much straight up and down on both sides. Everything looks pretty symmetrical to the eye, but once I get it back up and running suspension tuning will be high on my list.

Thanks, and thanks for reading!

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